Alternative wedding photographer Glasgow – Susan and Darren

 Meet Susan and Darren, two amazing people who’s wedding I’m going to photograph this weekend. Before I do, here’s a short blog with their engagement photos. Susan and Darren are both designers, an extremely creative couple, so we decided to do something a bit more extreme for their session.  It won’t be an exaggeration if I say it was by far the craziest, unique and out of this world location for the engagement session I’ve ever been to. It was exactly what we were hoping for, even if had to fight with my fear of heights which wasn’t easy as the buildings was falling apart. We only had 2 hours before it got dark, and the place like this, with something different behind every corner, all day of shooting would not be enough. I can even express how much pleasure I had working with these two lovely people. We all had a vision of what kind of photos we want, and it was great to see how much effort they were willing to make to achieve it. I even changed my editing a bit to go with the theme, and looking at the results I’m loving it. Can’t wait for the wedding!

alternative wedding photos

  • Susan Castillo said:

    Awwww these are soooooo AMAZING! We love them mark! Super excited about the wedding day photos now EeeeeeeeK! You made me feel really comfortable in front of the camera, not an easy task but you managed. See you soon xxxx

  • Ola M-Ola said:

    I love every single photo Mark Pacura Photography!

  • dude...these are insane!!!! so so so good!

  • Love the grungy moody feel to these. So good. That location is baller!

  • Porter said:

    flippin love this location, especially the black and white of them against the dark background, so awesome

  • Lynsey Macdonald said:

    amazing marek!!!! i love loking aat your pictures!! your soooooo talented!!!!

  • Cool locations and very well used. Nicely done, Mark.

  • Beautiful work Mark. Great composition and processing, love it!

  • Marianne said:

    What a cool edgy engagement session. I love the dark shots in the warehouse.

  • Paul Krol said:

    This is rad stuff - I especially love your b&w's - great work!

  • T Lake said:

    Wow, love the b&w, love the location. Nailed it

  • This is such a favorite set of images, I love every one.

  • Sarah said:

    Looove how you used the architecture in these!

  • Wow dude - you really really rocked this session

  • Justin R said:

    Stunning location and amazing portraits! Love your style, Mark!

  • Patrick said:

    Wow! Amazing location - the atmosphere jumps out of the photos... the only negative is you have set the bar pretty high for their actual wedding photos!!!

  • Cant fault any frames here Mark, amazing. Love that location.. would love to shoot there.

  • Amanda Castillo Grant said:

    Amazing love them x

  • Maureen Du Preez said:

    These are amazing Mark, what a location! Can't wait to see their wedding photos. Know they're going to be epic. :)

  • Eneka said:

    Excellent set of images. Awesome work!