Wedding photograher in Scotland – Susan and Darren

Some of you might remember Susan and Darren from their engagement photos we’ve done a few weeks before their wedding. If you do, you’re probably looking forward to see their photos, as much as I did look forward to photograph their wedding. Susan and Darren are both designers, so for them there was only one way to organize a wedding – by doing everything by themselves. The wedding was held in a beautiful part of Scotland, in an old Kirk, that Darren’s dad is transferring into his dream house. It was such a unique and amazing day – fantastic people, fantastic scenery and even the weather was fantastic. It’s hard to describe it with words, so have a look at the photos below instead.

  • Mark McCue said:

    Good set. love the one shooting through the hay bails.

  • That is one amazing looking wedding Mark!
    There are so many great shots I can't even start, but the cute girls are very sweet :)

  • Teresa K said:

    What a fantastic set of many memories artfully captured in this post for the did good by them for sure!!

  • The kids waiting before the ceremony, the emotions you captured throughout the day, and those portraits = awesomeness, Mark!

  • Erica said:

    I love the black and white of the couple next to the car on the road, just gorgeous. You captured what looks like to be a very fun day!

  • Darin Collison said:

    Man. Cool couple. Cool wedding. Gorgeous images. Really quite super.

  • I am totally in love with your framing. Seriously! Your ability to find the unique angle is amazing!

  • Damian said:

    Great set Marc. Love the soft feel to your images. really like the two black and whites with the car.

  • Isabelle said:

    Gosh, so beautiful!! The location is amazing and the styling of this wedding is SO fab!

  • Great emotional details so thoughtfully captured. Well done, Mark!