It’s as impossible to describe the whole wedding season in couple of words, as it is to pick up 100 favourite images from it. I could re-write this post tomorrow and choose a completely different set.
Once again I’ve been all around the world to shoot and speak and none of it would be possible without an army of people who decided to trust me. I started the season in Thailand, finished in Mexico and lost the number of flights I’ve been on once it got to 60. The total number of photos taken between my cameras reached about 200000. I’ve listened to the whole Jo Nesbo Harry Hole’s series while driving and topped it up with numerous other books and podcasts. I decided to try another system after shooting with Nikon for nearly 13 years. Yes, it’s Sony :-)
Here’re my today’s 100 favourite images from 2018. I have another 199900 to choose from should I decide to re-blog this post tomorrow. Bring on 2019.


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