How do you describe Iceland? In words. After few days there in October I’d say it’s a challenge.

First of all, if you go there in the autumn forget the blues skies, green hill that you’ve seen in Walter Mitty’s story Forget about long days and sunset photos at midnight. It’s going to be cold, wet, dark, moody and dramatic. And it’s going to be windy. Now, you might think that windy means slightly stronger summer breeze. Windy in Iceland means wind like you’ve never seen before, forget about standing in one place and say hello to numb fingers if you’re photographer. But, that’s the beauty for it. That was everything I was hoping for and some extras on top of my expectations. I knew it’s going to be amazing and when Ting and Vincent booked me to photograph their adventure there I was counting the days to my flight. What I didn’t know, is that I’m going to be working with the most amazing and brave couple every. Iceland is even colder when you’re coming from Singapore which is on the other end of the climate spectrum at this time of the year. Ting and Vincent were up for everything, and I think they found a way to read my mind somehow as we could not hear each other most of the time. So here’s their short story. If you’re looking for Iceland wedding photographer to tell your story then get in touch. If you’re considering getting married there, then do it ;-)
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