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Date – 24 & 25th of May 2017
Exact location to be confirmed soon


A few months back Jim and Mark happened to be in the same place at the same time. Down in the mountains of New Zealand whilst sinking a beer, they realised they shot and saw things in a similar fashion.  They both enjoy shooting in the great outdoors and running their businesses with equal priority to the Art, the Business and to the Lifestyle.

They recently realised another rare occurrence was happening in late May in the UK and this time they want to share it with a bunch of likeminded good people. Although it’s a bit last minute, Jim and Mark want to gather a few of you folk for a workshop with a difference. 

They want to offer less about their story, less about inspiration or other such fluff, and get down to the nitty gritty. A little less about them and more about you, giving you things you can actually walk away with and use. 

This workshop is about looking at what it takes to run a successful, profitable and sustainable wedding photography business. It’s going to be about drawing out and addressing your weaknesses and polishing off your strengths. A round table environment where no one person has all the answers but collectively you’ll discover them. 

Why invest time and money with these 2 cats? Both Jim and Mark have achieved a lot in the comparatively short time they’ve been wedding photographers. They’ve established strong individual styles and built decent reputations as running successful businesses. They’re also well know for being approachable down to earth guys, who are super open to all.  They have a ton of experience in being awesome educators all over the globe. 

So if you feel like a little last minute opportunity to hone your skills, processes and outlook before the summer season starts, come on board!     

An example of some stuff we’ll discover together. 

Processes – Social Media, Marketing, Networking, Admin, Editing and Culling, Distribution. 

Shooting – Gear, shooting, light, scouting and location, posing.

PRICE – £495 

( including 2 nights accommodation )



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