Sicily Wedding Photographer

Welcome to my website. There might be a few reasons why you’re here, one of them being that you’re in a process of planning your wedding in Sicily – if that’s the case, this page was made for you :-)
Sicily is simply amazing, and people are coming here from all over the world, and most of them, like me, share one passion – they love to travel and live for adventure.

I’m a destination wedding photographer, covering weddings all over the world, in the last few months alone I worked in places like Scotland, France, Italy and Malaysia. Travelling and meeting interesting people is what makes me love my job. In fact it’s not even a job, it’s a passion.

So yes, needles to say I’m excited that you’re here. I would be even more excited to hear about your plans, so check out my portfolio and drop me an email. I will come back to you within 24hrs.

sicily wedding photographer