Beautiful photographs don’t just happen. You can’t have a beautiful photo on the top of the mountain in Scotland without your dress getting covered in mud and your shoes getting dirty. You can’t have a beautiful portrait outside on a rainy day, if you’re afraid that it will mess up your hair. I love to work with couples who value photography and are willing to make that extra step when necessary. I love couples, who love adventure, who understand my passion and know that a good photo (sometimes) requires a bit of effort. I was planning a sunrise engagement session for a while, and I really think morning light is even better than the evening golden hour. In Scotland summer days are really long, so catching the sun coming up, means getting up in the middle of the night. Line and John were brave enough to meet for their engagement session when most of us were still sleeping, and what’s more they did it the day before their wedding at the amazing Carberry Tower. Was it worth it? I think it was. Hopefully you’ll agree after seeing a few images from their session below.
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