Building a successful photography business is not only about taking beautiful photographs. Making the right marketing and financial decisions is as important, and the right use of social media and wide online presence is vital. My 1-2-1 photography training is a mixture of artistic and business advice. The first part is about basics – from the right equipment to the beautiful and fast editing. Second part is all about running the business – from basic admin duties to marketing.

The topics will include.

– The art of storytelling
– Finding composition in every light
– Make use of your equipment ( full frame and primes )
– Fast and beautiful editing ( Photo Mechanic and Lightroom )
– Final touches ( Photoshop )
– Final products ( Slideshows and Albums )

– Search engine optimization
– Branding and Marketing
– Your website and blog ( wordpress )
– Online presence ( wedding bubble, blogs )
– Social media ( FB, Twitter, G+, etc )
– Essential software and equipment
– Security ( contracts, back up, )
– final products ( quality! )

The training is between 8-10 hours and includes the editing session of your own file. It takes part in Glasgow, Scotland but if you’re unable to travel here please get in touch anyway. Tea / coffee / juice are available all the time and we will have lunch half way through the day.
The session is quite intense, with lots of information so I recommend that you take notes.

The cost of the all day training is £345. If you’re interested please contact me via email contact@markpacura.co.uk

wedding photography training scotland

my essential gear I take to every wedding ( Iphone pic )

Mark Pacura is a wedding photographer in Glasgow, the only photographer in Scotland on Junebug Weddings “Best Photographers in The World” list. He’s got years of experience in the wedding industry and holds a degree in marketing.