Kate and Farhad were supposed to get married in New York, unfortunately a  few weeks before the wedding they were forced to change their plans and got married in Edinburgh instead. They have never been in the Scottish capitol before, so apart from being their photographer, I was also their guide. It all started with a quiet, intimate ceremony inside the registrar’s office – a truly amazing place with a beautiful wooden interior. Our plan was to divide the rest of the day for photos in Royal Mile and surrounding areas and head to the local park later. What we forgot about is that in August the streets in the city center are taken over by the one of the biggest street festivals in the world – the Fringe, and even at 11am there were thousands of people everywhere – most of them actually thinking Kate was an actress dressed to act as a bride. We decided it was far too busy there and went straight to Sheraton, where Kate and Farhad were staying, to take a few photographs in the reception area. And then came my favorite part… Looking at the photographs taken in the afternoon, it’s actually hard believe we were in Scotland – the weather was just amazing and with beautiful grounds of Royal Botanic Gardens blooming with colours, we couldn’t ask for a better location. To our surprise – the gardens were empty – I guess everyone was in the city center watching 100’s of different acts from around the world. Kate is a choreographer and she had a clear vision of what kind of photos she wants – she was so good at posing and directing Farhad, I actually suggested they should both work as models. We had a few hours of fun and I’m so happy with the outcome – I love their photos.
Oh and by they way – few weeks after the wedding the did go to New York as a part of their honeymoon.

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