Blogging in the middle of the winter about the session that was done few months earlier, usually brings back some nice memories of a great sunny day, with beautiful green colors and a lovely warm light. Not this one. Rowan and Sandy pre wedding family session, was done at the banks of Loch Lomond and even if the colors on the photographs look stunning I can tell you it RAINED.. Or should I say it rained only when it wasn’t pouring down. I have to honestly admit that driving from Glasgow I didn’t believe Rowan and Sandy will show up, till I actually saw them walking down the car park at Loch Lomond Shores. Our original plan for their session was to wait till everything around will go orange, yellow and red to use the beauty of our location for some stunning photos with the warm, early autumn feeling. Well..the weather was trying to do everything possible to ruin that plan, including blowing most of the leafs of the trees. Being a wedding photographer in Scotland for few years now, I’ve never had a “pleasure” to photograph in the weather like that.
In the end we had a really good time ( although I felt sorry for all of us at times ) and we managed to take some beautiful photos, with Rowan and Sandy’s older daughter being the real star of the day. I was surprised that they didn’t “enaugh” after 30 minutes -we were shooting for more than 3rhs at few different locations – that’s what you call dedication. It just shows that if you have a family who love to spent their time together, it can be really enjoyable regardless of the elements. Let’s just hope we’ll get some pure blue skies when their Big Day will finally come in June next year.

I have to say after spending few hours with this lovely family I’m honored they have picked me up as their wedding photographer. There are many reasons I can’t wait till their wedding – absolutely great location – Roman Camp Hotel in Callander, my favorite time of the year and the fact I will be photographing two really lovely people who enjoy being themselves. You just know it will be great.

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