wedding photographer majorca

I’m a very lucky person. I get to photograph people in so many great destination, and then enjoy these places to myself. I love exploring different corners of the world, always going for the tiny streets instead of the motorways. It was even better this time, as I had my wife as a company during our trip to Majorca where I was photographing Mandi and Gavin’s wedding in Cala d’Or. I was actually surprised how beautiful the island is. I wasn’t expecting such a different scenery around every corner. From beautiful, rocky beaches to sharp peaks of the mountains. Simply stunning. We had 2 days to drive around Majorca, or Mallorca, as the locals call it. One of the places we visited was an old town of Valldemossa. Amazing place, loved by so many great people. It was home for Chopin and Michael Douglas owns a restaurant there. We’re already planning our next trip. Enjoy the photographer majorcamallorca photographermallorca photographerengagement session in mallorcavalldemossa weddingvalldemossavalldemossastreets of valldemossastreets of valldemossastreets of valldemossavalldemossa mallorcavalldemossa mallorcavalldemossa mallorcabeautiful flowers in valldemossavalldemossa photographervalldemossa photographervaldemossa flowerswedding in valdemossadriving around mallorcadriving around mallorcaold towns in majorcaold towns in majorcagetting married in mallorcamallorca honeymoonmallorca honeymoonhoneymoon in majorcahoneymoon in majorcahoneymoon in majorcatrekking in mallorcatrekking in mallorcagr222 majorcagr222 majorcatrekking in mallorcafotograf majorkafotograf majorkamallorcamallorcaslub na majorceslub na majorce